Scousewives Claim They Were Sold Down The River By E4

A year on from the fateful axing of E4′s Liverpool-based Desperate Scousewives, the glamorous ladies of the cast pull no punches in their criticism of Channel 4 and the show’s producers in a very candid interview.

The girls reveal how some gave up their day jobs and put their modelling careers on hold to pursue their dreams of following in the footsteps of the successful stars of other reality tv shows like TOWIE, Made in Chelsea and Geordie Shore. After all, these people are now red carpet regulars and throughout the auditions for the show, the girls saw no reason why their lives could not be turned the same way.

But the reality was a far cry from their aspirations of fame, glamour and all the trappings that go with it.They found themselves being ground down, day-after-day by being told what to say, how to dress and even who to engage with on Twitter. The gruelling 14 hour location shoots took its toll on the girls as did the fabricated storylines. But they’s signed their life away…for a mere £10 a day in expenses.

The negligible financial contribution for their work took its toll on the girls – with the head character even having to beg her trusted photographer friend for a loan to pay her rent. But they persevered whilst the glimmer of hope remained that they would achieve stardom status of their TOWIE counterparts.

As filming progressed, they realised just how scripted their storylines were and they were actually told exactly what they must say and do…unlike TOWIE who have a certain amount of realism with creative license.

It was not just the audience that screamed fake. Amanda, Debbie and sister, Gill – all took a massive backlash of criticism from the people of Liverpool who claimed that they were a disgrace to the city.

The final sucker punch came when the girls were axed by email and told that a second series would not be pursued, despite many episodes having already been filmed.

So what was left for the girls? After all, very few people want to tough you in the world of celebrity after you’ve been dropped like a hot potato.

Well, the girls discovered that there was a real audience and subsequent market for their uber glamorous style and look. They took this to market in the form of Scouse Boutique. Here at our blog we regularly get asked what premium skincare and cosmetics are used by the girls, such as PRIORI® products available at in addition to fielding questions about their hair extensions and brand of eyelashes.

However, despite their seemingly harsh treatment from the producers of the E4, Amanda, Debbie and Gill all feel that they have learned valuable lessons.

They say that they wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to do another reality series. If the clocks were turned back, they would still accept the roles as they got to meet some great people along the way. Only next time, they would do things differently and not relinquish as much control over the reality element of the show.

As always, we will keep you informed…

Desperate Scousewives axed after just one series.

It has been over a month since desperate Scousewives executive producer, Mal Young announced that Channel 4 bosses had axed the reality TV show Desperate Scousewives.

It seems that the show received negative coverage on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, despite starting out positively with over 562,000 viewers tuning in to the first episode – which was over 100,000 more than E4′s usual viewing numbers.

Many viewers didn’t warm to the characters in the way in which the cast and crew of the show had hoped. Ideally they wanted the show to hit the heady heights experienced by TOWIE and Made in Chelsea.

Many viewers felt that the series was overly scripted and did not feel as natural as TOWIE.Naturally, the cast were disappointed that there would be no second series. So what will the cast do now?

Scousewives resident gay couple, Chris and Mark will continue to run their salon – with a renewed demand for the latest celebrity beauty trend – the scousebrow.

Head Scousewife Amanda Harrington and O’Toole sisters Gill and Debbie have teamed up to launch Scouse Boutique which will feature all the latest glamorous Liverpool fashion. The Desperate Scousewives dresses and style received a lot of interest from girls wanting to get the look. Local boutiques like April’s Boutique and Miss Francesca Couture got lots of attention and enquiries for their lines.

Layla Flaherty has made a few public appearances, recently doing a lingerie fashion show for a charity event in Manchester’s Bijou Club. At the same event was fellow Scousewife, Elissa – who as well as a few public appearances has returned to her journalist job as a columnist for Gossip Monthly Magazine.

Rioutous top scouse bird, Jodie is continuing her career as a make up artist – and fulfilling the rising demand for her signature scousebrow.

We are in no doubt that the Desperate Scousewives will continue in the limelight of Liverpool and remain the cream of Liverpool’s socialites. We will be following their antics with great interest and coverage on here, despite E4′s foolhardy decision not to currently run with series 2.

Desperate Scousewives Episode 3

Christmas is drawing nearer and of course our Scousewives are busy preparing for the festive season as we see Amanda and Chloe hitting Liverpool centre in search of Christmas gifts and outfits.

As well as all the festivities for Christmas, the eldest of the O’Toole sisters, Gill is about to turn 30. At a dinner party with salon owner couple, Chris and Mark – Gill confesses how she despairs at being single at the age of 30 whilst her friends are all married and having kids. She emotionally reveals how she feels she is being left on the shelf.

But that disappointment soon disappears as preparations for her 30th birthday party begin. The girls hire a city centre apartment where they spend most of the day with their hair in rollers, forming an orderly queue for Jodie’s infamous scousebrows.

The O’Toole sisters hit the town with their friends glammed up in bespoke dresses from Miss Francesca Couture. Gill gets a great surprise when out of a gift-wrapped box jumps her very own “Butler in the Buff” – the usually quiet and shy, Adam Ramsey.

As the girls leave their venue and head off to a Chinese restaurant, the party spirit is dampened for Debbie as she is confronted by her ex, Danny – who is smarting from the public humiliation of everybody knowing about his failed serenade outside Debbie’s window. He is given the complete brush off by Debbie after she saw him kissing Sam outside the Hilton Liverpool whilst promoting George’s new club, Playground.

Emotions boil over at the restaurant when it is revealed that Mark has confided in Jodie about his desire to have kids with Chris. Naturally, Chris is not best pleased about their marital issues being discussed outside of their relationship and a heated and bitter argument ensues in the toilets.

Meanwhile, resident Romeo, Joe has convinced Jaiden to put in a good word for him with Elissa as she has been ignoring his texts and calls. Elissa finally folds after some persuasion and agrees to meet Joe for dinner.

After a frosty start where Elissa tells Joe  ’Even when you pour your heart out you go home with her (Layla).’ She confesses that she still thinks fondly of him and she is sad about what happened in their relationship. She leaves the restaurant to join Gill’s party just as Layla shows up – with the impeccable timing we have become so accustomed to with her.

Seizing the opportunity to corner Joe, she asks “What’s going on? Looks like you and Elissa are getting back together.” Joe sharply tells her that it is “none of her business”.


Desperate Scousewives Episode 2 – The Lowdown

Episode Two kicks off with Jaiden and Elissa on a video conference where Jaiden is filling Elissa in about his confrontation with Amanda Harrington at the recent Juice FM Style Awards. Jaiden is seen sporting a rather fetching face mask. Elissa can’t quite believe that Amanda swilled him with a drink after Jaiden called Amanda’s hair extension’s sh*t.

This episode we get to see the popular Miss Francesca Couture Boutique – a popular haunt for the glamour girls of Liverpool to stock up on dress-to-impress outfits. Aspiring model, Chloe is with Amanda and she reveals that she’s secretly nervous about the forthcoming Miss Francesca Couture Charity Fashion Show in which Chloe will be modelling.

Debbie drops by to see the lads football training. Danny invites her to the event where he is DJ’ing – but she declines as she’s also modelling for Miss Francesca Couture. Danny sneaks a quick kiss through the railings before Debbie heads off to prepare for the show.

At April Boutique, the workplace of Sam and Layla, we see the girls discussing their on-off relationships. Layla reveals that she finds the mind games between her and Joe challenging and shows explicit photos of Joe on her phone in response to Sam asking her why she keeps going back when he treats her so badly. When Chloe and Amanda come into the boutique, Layla cannot hide her contempt for Amanda – if looks could kill!

The comedy gold bit of tonight goes to Jodie Lundstram, who gets packed off to the beauty academy to learn how to spray tan…only she hasn’t arranged a model to demonstrate her newly learned skills. Poor unsuspecting Chris is dragged to the academy and is promptly turned into one of Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompas – well apart from a pasty white ass and green underarms where the fake tan has reacted with his deodorant!

At Francesca’s fashion show, the boys turn up to watch the girls strut their stuff on the catwalk. Amanda is less than impressed that Layla has been selected as one of Miss Francesca’s models. She tells her straight that her hungover performance on the catwalk was unprofessional.

Once again, with impeccable timing, Layla shows up in the middle of Joe and Elissa’ heart-to-heart. She sure picks her moments.

Danny has big plans to win over his old flame, Debbie and he ropes his good friend Adam into his plan – which basically culminates in him standing underneath Debbie’s window with an electric keyboard which he plays whilst serenading her…well, we say serenading in the loosest term.

At the Hilton Hotel in Liverpool, it’s the promotional night for George’s newest venture – the exclusive Playground club. He has roped Debbie, Layla and the others into selling exclusive memberships to his elite club – at £500 a pop. Sweet, unassuming Chloe tries to cajole Sean Clancy (brother of WAG Abbie Clancy and Fleetwood Town footballer) into buying her a membership on a “buy one, get one free” deal. When that fails, she just asks George outright for a free membership. Her request falls on deaf ears.

Despite all his grovelling and telling anyone who will listen that Debbie is marriage material, Danny just can’t help himself. When Debbie goes in search of him, she discovers him outside in a passionate clinch with Sam – much to the disgust of Debbie.





Desperate Scousewives Dresses, Outfits and Everything Else

Our email inbox has been literally ram packed with fans wanting to know where the girls have got their outfits from. Wherever we can, we will tell you where you can get the dresses and outfits that the girls (and the guys outfits) can be found.

A lot of the outfits are from bespoke boutiques in Liverpool. If you can’t get to Liverpool or you can’t order online from the boutique we will try and find similar high street or online equivalents so you can get their look and style.

Watch this space…and keep your eyes on our Desperate Scousewives Style section where we will be dress and accessory spotting!

Desperate Scousewives Cast Member Jaiden’s Twitter Death Threats

The most vocal star of Desperate Scousewives, Jaiden Michael was stunned into an unusual state of retreat on Twitter earlier after receiving a torrent of hate tweets on the social networking site.

Dubbed as “Britain’s most Brutal Blogger” he is usually the one making comments and expressing some strong and often negative opinions on stars such as Jodie Marsh and Lily Allen – comments so nasty that he was thrown off MySpace.

He suddenly found himself on the opposite side of the fence as an overnight celebrity thanks to the first episode of Desperate Scousewives which first aired on Monday to a half million strong audience and got mixed reviews.

Many viewers from Liverpool were upset and felt that the show painted an inaccurate picture of Scousers and life in the city.

But nothing prepared him for the backlash and barrage of abusive tweets that cited him as a paedophile, attacked his sexuality, race, weight and physical appearance with the worst threatening his life.

Wez1990 Hate Tweet


jack92 hate tweet

Hate Tweet Wes 1990

and the comments continued to get more and more sinister:

Twitter Threat Jaiden

Clearly some of tweets were crafted to provoke a reaction  - such as this one in response to Jaiden’s twitter post saying that he hoped sensational boy band, JLS were watching the show.

Chris Steele Jaiden Twitter

Jade Twitter Jaiden

Jaiden initially retweeted hateful comments with witty comebacks and tongue-in-cheek replies. But he was clearly frightened, hurt and upset with those messages that were darker in their content and those that contained thinly veiled threats. He declared that E4, the channel that broadcasts Desperate Scousewives monitors the twitter accounts of all the Desperate Scousewives Cast and take action against threats and libel.

Jaiden on Twitter

Jaiden shocked on Twitter

Jaiden even replied directly to some instead of retweeting, stating that those who called him a paedophile would be held to account:

Jaiden reply to tweet

Jaiden reply to JackRuddin

It is clear that as he is one of the most active cast members on the internet given his status as a professional blogger, he is bearing the brunt of people’s outpouring of negativity towards the show. Jaiden has demonstrated that he is as  thick skinned as the celebrities who have been on the receiving end of his outspoken opinions in the past – but we do wonder how he can remain standing after such a tidal wave of abuse and hope that E4 offer some media training to deal with the extremities that come with becoming a celebrity and having a presence on social networking sites.

What do you think? Is this payback for his nasty comments? Should he learn a lesson now that the boot is on the other foot? Or are these twitter posts extreme and do you feel sorry for Jaiden?

Desperate Scousewives First Episode Gets Trending on Twitter

Twitter buzzing as Scousewives hit the screen

We got formally introduced to the Scousewives tonight via the delightful E4. Twitter was full of people with an opinion on the show both good and bad. With the hastag #scousewives and #desperatescousewives quickly becoming trending topics on twitter alongside ‘cringe’ on Liverpool’s trendmap.

Despite a fair bit of negativity towards the show – which E4 said would be dramatised for entertainment, there were many people admitting that it was quickly becoming their ‘guilty pleasure’ alongside Made in Chelsea, Geordie Shore and The Only Way is Essex.

Welcome Home Jodie Lundstram!

As anticipated, Jodie burst onto our screen after returning from London, and couldn’t hide her delight about being back in Liverpool, saying she was going to ‘smash it’. She revelled in her return home with her family and friends and declared that London was behind her.

Have a go on the blow, Joe

Layla, on the other hand was much more discontented after o.nce again finding herself waking up in the shared flat of her on-off lover, serial philanderer, Joe – who was practically ushering her out of the door. Complaining that she felt used, Joe was quick to point out that he had just wanted to ‘give her a go’ on the inflatable air bed! Layla makes a swift exit finds herself outside Joe’s flat in last night’s clothes. She grumbles that although she feels used, she just can’t help but keep going back for more.

Meanwhile Amanda and Chloe are out shopping in velcro rollers (in true Scouse style) preparing for the Style Awards in which Amanda was presenting an award. She admitted that her favourite word after ‘free’ was ‘discount’ when referring to the freebies and perks that her reputation and socialite status earns her.

We meet ‘Britain’s Most Brutal Blogger’ Jaiden, who was live tweeting throughout the show. He claims that he’s no bully though – just opinionated and says it as it is. He offers words of advice to Elissa, Joe’s ex. Elissa is struggling after their break up because although consistently hurt her, she admits that nobody made her laugh the way he did and that deep down she could still have him.

The mood is lightened when Jodie is interviewed for a job at The Priory Salon – run by gay couple, Mark and Chris. They don’t quite know what to make of Jodie – especially when during the interview she asks for time off to watch her brother play football. One of our favourate one-liners of the show came from Jodie, when the guys say that they want to expand the services of the salon to include “analbleaching”. Her reply? “Er, it’s a bit Hollywood…we’re in Anfield”.

We then watch as Amanda and Chloe spend all day preparing for the Style Awards – where Chloe is bleaches her own hands with household bleach in order to remove the disasterous fake tan stains from her palms.

Nice Guy Adam

Meanwhile the guys, Adam, Joe and Danny are out discussing the girls with Joe citing Layla as his ‘fall back plan’ – until they practically hide under the table when Layla and Sam (Danny’s on-off partner) enter the venue. It’s left to good old nice guy Adam to cover for the other two by telling the girls they have left.

But Layla knows that Adam is covering for Joe, because that’s what guys do. Sam tells Layla to get over Joe – she said that Danny was the same and used to always put DJ’ing before her. Later Joe invites the O’Toole sisters – which includes another of Danny’s ex’s, Debbie, to the Style Awards.

The Scouse Brow

Back at The Priory salon, Chris and Mark have reservations about hiring Jodie – that is, until she demonstrates her speciality – the Scouse Brow. The client is won over and Chris and Mark hire her – as the customer is always right!

We get to see Amanda talking openly about the difficulties in starting out as a model – the long hours in London for no pay – just to get her name out there. She talks about life as a mum behind the glitz and glamour – like doing the school run and making the tea. We also get a sneak preview of Amanda’s calendar and the girls practice their favourite modelling poses.

Another bit of the first episode that made us chuckle was Chris and Mark talking about hiring Jodie and then their own sex life – before saying that the ‘kids’ (their dogs) can’t be in the room whilst they get some!

Bunny boiler Layla?

When Sam and Layla rock up at the Style Awards, they rearrange the seating so that they are sat with their on-off partners Joe and Danny. Cheeky Joe says that if Layla couldn’t speak he’d marry her whilst player, Danny says that they are ‘both gorgeous but psychos’.

Both Gill and Debbie O’Toole use the opportunity to chat up property tycoon, George (who Jaiden describes as knicker dropping) who has just scooped an award for his family run hotel, The Hilton in Liverpool.

Living every bit up to Danny’s psycho label, Layla is seen pinning the seating plan names to her dress as ‘Layla loves Joe’ and proceeds to give Joe a grilling as to why he invited Debbie and Gill to the evening and not her – demanding to know in what capacity Debbie was here with him. Danny, quite obviously intoxicated, sprawls himself over Debbie, telling her how much he loves her and that he doesn’t want her to end up with a ‘wrong un’.

Chloe tips off Amanda that Jaiden has been slating her on Twitter. She vows to have words with him about it if she sees him.

Elissa ain’t over Joe

We see the first bit of real emotion after Elissa and Joe talk candidly outside about their break up. It’s quite easy to see that Elissa hasn’t got over him and she bursts into tears when she talks about the woman he was emailing behind her back when they lived together. She tells him he has ‘no respect’ before hurling some four letter obscenities at him and storming off. Joe admits to the camera that he is genuinely shocked by her reaction.

It isn’t long before Amanda catches up with her Twitter nemesis, Jaiden – she proceeds to tell him exactly what she thinks of him, describing him as a ‘z-lister’ and ‘wannabe Perez Hilton’. The final straw comes when he describes her extensions as s**t – to which she responds by throwing her drink over him but missing by a country mile.

So what did you think of the first episode. Did it live up to your expectations? Will you be tuning in next week?

War of the Velcro Rollers: Scousewives and TOWIE girls in Twitter spat

Desperate Scousewives hasn’t even hit our tellybox yet, and already the manicured and polished claws seem to be out.

It seems that some of the tweets and comments by Desperate Scousewives stars have aggrivated some of their Essex counterparts.

It started with an alleged comment made by Elissa:
‘It’s going to be bigger tan TOWIE. The characters are bigger and more colourful and it looks so glossy,’ promised Elissa Corrigan, one of the Scousewives cast members.
‘It’s different to anything you’ve seen before. Hardly any of it is scripted. We tell producers what’s been going on in our lives and we lead them, rather than them leading us,’ she told Reveal magazine.

Twitter gets Scousewives into trouble with TOWIEThen Jodie and Amanda unwittingly added fuel to the fire by retweeting negative comments about TOWIE mixed with compliments about the show.

One retweet by Amanda read ‘Will put TOWIE to shame’ whilst some retweeted by Jodie were a little more controversial. ‘Swerv all them southern c**ts ‘Essex’ and ‘Chelsea’, all about the Liverpool birds SCOUSEWIVES.’

Whilst the Scousewives girls saw this as a bit of cheeky banter, it provoked a response from The Only Way is Essex Star, Sam Faiers
‘Aww been reading and hearing Desperate Scousewives have been slaggin’ off TOWIE. That’s not nice! Was looking forward to that show as well! Boo.’

But the youngest of the Desperate Scousewives girls, Sam jumped to the defense of her fellow cast members and was quick to reassure TOWIE star, Sam that she was in actual fact a fan of the Essex show:
‘@SamanthaFaiers. Yep, total lies, us Scousewives love Towieee!’ Followed up with a hashtag suggesting that she shouldn’t believe everything she reads.

Other tweeters who have been filming with the Desperate Scousewives girls also tweeted to confirm that the cast of the new show were fans of TOWIE.

Regardless of whether the rivalry is real or not, the banter keeps the new show in the headlines andis certainly great for its promotion and subsequent ratings – we bet E4 are delighted!

EXCLUSIVE Desperate Scousewives On Location Pics

As we are now on countdown to the first ever episode of Desperate Scousewives which is set to hit our screens on Monday, we thought we would give you a sneaky peek of our exclusive on-location photos from the set.

Last Saturday saw the cast and crew hit one of Liverpool’s most popular nightspots, Circo – frequented by many celebs, footballers and WAGS. Their VIP list includes Alex Curran, Jennifer Ellison, Tulisa from N-Dubz and Liverpool ace, Jamie Carragher.

But Saturday saw Amanda Harrington and the other Scousewives take centre stage at the club. As well as filming for the show, they were believed to be shooting promotional photos for the show.

Amanda looked stunning in a gorgeous, floaty white babydoll dress featuring long chiffon sleeves and black sash detail.

We are now even more looking forward to Monday’s show!

First Episode Teaser – and it looks like it’s gonna be ‘Boss’!

Have you seen E4′s teaser of the first episode? Despite lots of negativity on Twitter and reports of some of the Desperate Scousewives receiving hate mail – over 6,400 people have already watched the trailer – and there have been more ‘likes than ‘dislikes.

The clip starts with an opening shot of the Liver building which then cuts to glamourous Amanda Harrington, looking stunning on the red carpet in a gorgeous gold dress. then we meet Debbie O’Toole getting her scouse brows preened by co-star, Jodie Lundstram.

The shot then cuts to the boys – out on the party scene with Layla and Sam before introducing the ‘girls’ – showing Amanda and Chloe kitted out in velcro rollers with Amanda confessing that she’s “only ever been out with one footballer’.

We then get to see Jodie getting all destructive with the champagne corks when celebrating her return to Liverpool with her family and a quick glimpse of gay couple Chris and Mark looking all cosy.

Finally we are treated to a bit of the drama and tantrums when Elissa and Joe are seen arguing, before Elissa storms off. We then get to see blonde stunner and ex-Miss Liverpool, Debbie looking stunned and rather miffed when she catches Danny Latimer in the throes of a passionate snog with his on-off girlfriend, Sam Woolley.

But the show-stopper and the real enticer to tune in on Monday is Amanda’s rant at Jaiden where she calls him out as a ‘z-lister’ and ‘Perez Hilton’ wannabe before dousing him with her drink.

Make sure you tune in to E4 on Monday at 10pm – or catch it on More E4…or at the very least – get it Sky plussed! We will be tweeting on the hashtag #scousewives throughout the first episode.