Elissa and Joe – The new Lauren and Mark from TOWIE?

Elissa Desperate ScousewivesAs Reality TV junkies everywhere wait for the very first episode, Elissa Corrigan, the brainy brunette of Desperate Scousewives is promising fans a real and genuine insight into their lives which is set to take reality tv by storm. She told Reveal Magazine:

‘It’s going to be bigger tan TOWIE. The characters are bigger and more colourful and it looks so glossy’.

‘It’s different to anything you’ve seen before. Hardly any of it is scripted. We tell producers what’s been going on in our lives and we lead them, rather than them leading us.’

With her ex, Joe McMahon, making an appearance as a complete player with an addiction to attractive women, we can’t help but liken the couple to the woes of their TOWIE counterparts, Lauren Goodger and Mark Wright. The two ended their engagement and split after a ten year  long relationship. They split after continual interference of friends and family telling them that they were not right fore each other. Rumours circulated in their social circles that Mark had been spotted kissing another woman.

Despite both Mark and Lauren saying they still love each other, Mark says that they just can’t get on and that it always ends in arguments.

This is a familiar story that rings true to Elissa, who split with Joe after finding raunchy texts and emails to other girls on his phone whilst living together in their apartment in Liverpool city centre.

Elissa says

‘There’s a lot of history with me and Joe and it’s completely real. I don’t want anyone to think we’re just saying stuff for the cameras, because it’s not the case at all.

‘We met at uni, started dating for a while, moved in together and then he cheated on me. I was totally devastated and the way I found out was horrible. I’ve never loved anyone like I loved him.

‘But Liverpool’s such a small place. I call it the “village” – you can’t get away from people, so we still see each other all the time.’

Will their volatile past relationship keep reality tv fans hooked in the same way as Mark and Lauren?


City Divided as Scousewives Receive Hate Mail

Rumours are rife that selected members of the recently announced cast have been receiving hate mail following recent promotions of the show.

The show’s title seems to have provoked an emotional response with some of the locals – one of which is abuse by mail. Some Liverpudlians are saying the show’s title is a sham as the gorgeous girls in the show clearly are not desperate and others are upset that some of the cast are not real Scousers. Layla is originally from Ireland and Joe is originally from Wales.

Liverpool residents - particularly those born and bred in Merseyside are concerned that the show will ridicule their beloved city and turn it into a national joke. They find this particularly difficult to swallow after they city has worked so hard in previous years to establish itself as a city of culture.

Amanda Harrington said

“There are mixed emotions in Liverpool. Half the people are saying they can’t wait for it and half are saying it’s going to embarrass the city. People don’t want to say that they are excited about it.

“We want to show that Liverpool people have a lot more to them than all the misconceptions and stereotypes. We’re not all airheads. We can laugh at ourselves and love a joke, but we have a caring side, too.”

What do you think of the show’s title? Do you think it will make Liverpool a laughing stock?

E4 Announces the Desperate Scousewives Cast

Cast of Desperate Scousewives

Desperate Scousewives starts 28th November 2011

So today E4, the hip child of Channel 4 announced the cast of next regional focus reality TV series. The Desperate Scousewives girls, and their male counterparts consist of Liverpool’s finest socialites and fame chasers, all vying to hit the big time.

The show starts on E4 on Monday 28th November at 9pm. Make sure you tune in to get your fix of the glitz, glamour and discover how these aspiring wannabe’s spend every hard earned penny on looking absolutely immaculate as well as partying hard.

Check out The Scousewives Girls for all the information about the ladies.

Check out The Scousewives Guys for all the information about the Merseyside male varieties.


Move over TOWIE – Liverpool answers back with Desperate Scousewives

Channel 4′s, E4 launches new reality TV series Desperate Scousewives

Keen to capitalise on the wave of sucessful reality TV shows like The Only Way is Essex, Geordie Shore and Made in Chelsea, Channel 4 have announced a brand new docu-soap following the lives of a selection of Liverpudlian ladies in their quest to bag themselves their perfect (read: rich) man. Ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding for the ‘Desperate Scousewives’

Liverpool is well known for its glitzy nightlife and culture. This new series on E4, promises to wow viewers with the antics of the scouse socialites. Executive producer Michael Massey claims that the series will feature ‘some fantastic characters with fascinating lives and great storylines’, whilst Channel 4′s Kate Teckman promises ‘the characters are bigger and the dresses are shorter’.

Jodie Lundstram outside Liverpool Lime StreetJodie Lundstram

Filming for the working title ‘Desperate Scousewives’ got underway outside Liverpool Lime Street where one of the first stars of the show was unveiled. Bursting onto the steps outside the station, yelling “Liverpool…I’m back!”, Jodie Lundstram – a relatively unknown Merseyside make-up artist baffled passers by. Kitted out in a vibrant Missoni dress, fuschia pink jacket and chunky heels whilst hauling a rather large bright pink suitcase, it’s easy to see that she attracted a lot of attention. It is reported that she splits her time between Liverpool and London. Her brother is on Everton Football reserves squad – Could this prove useful for our wannabe WAG in terms of introductions?

Amanda Harrington

Amanda Harrington with Jose BaxterRumours are also rife that other stars of the show include top model and well known Liverpool socialite, Amanda Harrington. Media reports would suggest that Amanda is a seasoned pro on the WAG circuit. She’s been romantically linked with footballing bad boy, Joey Barton back in 2007 which she denies and more recently Everton ace Jose Baxter…we reckon it’s all in the initials…unlucky John Terry – so near, yet so far!

Chloe Cummings

Another model predicted to take the spotlight on the new show Chloe Cummings – cousin of Abbey Clancy who married former Liverpool FC striker, Peter Crouch earlier this year. Abbey is said to be disgruntled by Chloe’s decision to take part in the series as she feels the show will play up to the stereotypical idea that every Liverpool girls wants to hook up with a footballer and live the WAG lifestyle. She understandably doesn’t want the rest of her family to be tarnished with this image or made a laughing stock.

Chloe has appeared in Britain’s Next Top Model and she insists that she’s not desperate to score herself a footballer husband and has no aspirations to be a WAG. She simply wants to carve out a successful career as a model in her own right.

The show is set to air in December. Will it lift the lid on Liverpool’s so-say ‘WAG culture’? We certainly hope so! We are waiting with baited breath to see how it’s done, ladies!