City Divided as Scousewives Receive Hate Mail

Rumours are rife that selected members of the recently announced cast have been receiving hate mail following recent promotions of the show.

The show’s title seems to have provoked an emotional response with some of the locals – one of which is abuse by mail. Some Liverpudlians are saying the show’s title is a sham as the gorgeous girls in the show clearly are not desperate and others are upset that some of the cast are not real Scousers. Layla is originally from Ireland and Joe is originally from Wales.

Liverpool residents - particularly those born and bred in Merseyside are concerned that the show will ridicule their beloved city and turn it into a national joke. They find this particularly difficult to swallow after they city has worked so hard in previous years to establish itself as a city of culture.

Amanda Harrington said

“There are mixed emotions in Liverpool. Half the people are saying they can’t wait for it and half are saying it’s going to embarrass the city. People don’t want to say that they are excited about it.

“We want to show that Liverpool people have a lot more to them than all the misconceptions and stereotypes. We’re not all airheads. We can laugh at ourselves and love a joke, but we have a caring side, too.”

What do you think of the show’s title? Do you think it will make Liverpool a laughing stock?

2 Responses to City Divided as Scousewives Receive Hate Mail

  • lisa says:

    i think that it is a proper joke and all scoucers will end up getting hated through this show they are not all from liverpool and i belive amanda is lieing about some off her models being in her modeling school and they arnt even from liverpool its all a load of lies

  • mike rowe says:

    liverpool city of culture……………….biggest joke for centuries.