Debbie O’Toole wears LOVE

We’ve been asked about the LOVE sweater worn by Debbie in Episode 3. We have snapshots of the sweater when Debbie Jessica Wright from TOWIE wears LOVE oversize sweaterwent to Miss Francesca Couture Boutique and we also see it when Debbie and Gill are discussing Gill’s forthcoming 30th birthday party over coffee.

Gill wears the white oversize sweater from LOVE which has become quite popular with celebs as it was also spotted on TOWIE star Jessica Wright.

LOVE are currently out of stock at the moment, but it’s worth checking back every now and again as it is expected back in stock soon.

Debbie in oversize sweater from LOVEDebbie at Miss Francesca Couture wearing LOVE


UPDATE: The LOVE Oversize Sweater you’ve all been asking about is now back in stock at Inlovewithfashion. Buy it now

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