Desperate Scousewives Cast Member Jaiden’s Twitter Death Threats

The most vocal star of Desperate Scousewives, Jaiden Michael was stunned into an unusual state of retreat on Twitter earlier after receiving a torrent of hate tweets on the social networking site.

Dubbed as “Britain’s most Brutal Blogger” he is usually the one making comments and expressing some strong and often negative opinions on stars such as Jodie Marsh and Lily Allen – comments so nasty that he was thrown off MySpace.

He suddenly found himself on the opposite side of the fence as an overnight celebrity thanks to the first episode of Desperate Scousewives which first aired on Monday to a half million strong audience and got mixed reviews.

Many viewers from Liverpool were upset and felt that the show painted an inaccurate picture of Scousers and life in the city.

But nothing prepared him for the backlash and barrage of abusive tweets that cited him as a paedophile, attacked his sexuality, race, weight and physical appearance with the worst threatening his life.

Wez1990 Hate Tweet


jack92 hate tweet

Hate Tweet Wes 1990

and the comments continued to get more and more sinister:

Twitter Threat Jaiden

Clearly some of tweets were crafted to provoke a reaction  - such as this one in response to Jaiden’s twitter post saying that he hoped sensational boy band, JLS were watching the show.

Chris Steele Jaiden Twitter

Jade Twitter Jaiden

Jaiden initially retweeted hateful comments with witty comebacks and tongue-in-cheek replies. But he was clearly frightened, hurt and upset with those messages that were darker in their content and those that contained thinly veiled threats. He declared that E4, the channel that broadcasts Desperate Scousewives monitors the twitter accounts of all the Desperate Scousewives Cast and take action against threats and libel.

Jaiden on Twitter

Jaiden shocked on Twitter

Jaiden even replied directly to some instead of retweeting, stating that those who called him a paedophile would be held to account:

Jaiden reply to tweet

Jaiden reply to JackRuddin

It is clear that as he is one of the most active cast members on the internet given his status as a professional blogger, he is bearing the brunt of people’s outpouring of negativity towards the show. Jaiden has demonstrated that he is as  thick skinned as the celebrities who have been on the receiving end of his outspoken opinions in the past – but we do wonder how he can remain standing after such a tidal wave of abuse and hope that E4 offer some media training to deal with the extremities that come with becoming a celebrity and having a presence on social networking sites.

What do you think? Is this payback for his nasty comments? Should he learn a lesson now that the boot is on the other foot? Or are these twitter posts extreme and do you feel sorry for Jaiden?

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