Elissa and Joe – The new Lauren and Mark from TOWIE?

Elissa Desperate ScousewivesAs Reality TV junkies everywhere wait for the very first episode, Elissa Corrigan, the brainy brunette of Desperate Scousewives is promising fans a real and genuine insight into their lives which is set to take reality tv by storm. She told Reveal Magazine:

‘It’s going to be bigger tan TOWIE. The characters are bigger and more colourful and it looks so glossy’.

‘It’s different to anything you’ve seen before. Hardly any of it is scripted. We tell producers what’s been going on in our lives and we lead them, rather than them leading us.’

With her ex, Joe McMahon, making an appearance as a complete player with an addiction to attractive women, we can’t help but liken the couple to the woes of their TOWIE counterparts, Lauren Goodger and Mark Wright. The two ended their engagement and split after a ten year  long relationship. They split after continual interference of friends and family telling them that they were not right fore each other. Rumours circulated in their social circles that Mark had been spotted kissing another woman.

Despite both Mark and Lauren saying they still love each other, Mark says that they just can’t get on and that it always ends in arguments.

This is a familiar story that rings true to Elissa, who split with Joe after finding raunchy texts and emails to other girls on his phone whilst living together in their apartment in Liverpool city centre.

Elissa says

‘There’s a lot of history with me and Joe and it’s completely real. I don’t want anyone to think we’re just saying stuff for the cameras, because it’s not the case at all.

‘We met at uni, started dating for a while, moved in together and then he cheated on me. I was totally devastated and the way I found out was horrible. I’ve never loved anyone like I loved him.

‘But Liverpool’s such a small place. I call it the “village” – you can’t get away from people, so we still see each other all the time.’

Will their volatile past relationship keep reality tv fans hooked in the same way as Mark and Lauren?


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