Scousewives Claim They Were Sold Down The River By E4

A year on from the fateful axing of E4′s Liverpool-based Desperate Scousewives, the glamorous ladies of the cast pull no punches in their criticism of Channel 4 and the show’s producers in a very candid interview.

The girls reveal how some gave up their day jobs and put their modelling careers on hold to pursue their dreams of following in the footsteps of the successful stars of other reality tv shows like TOWIE, Made in Chelsea and Geordie Shore. After all, these people are now red carpet regulars and throughout the auditions for the show, the girls saw no reason why their lives could not be turned the same way.

Amanda Debbie Gill Desperate Scousewives

Image Credit: Liverpool Echo

But the reality was a far cry from their aspirations of fame, glamour and all the trappings that go with it.They found themselves being ground down, day-after-day by being told what to say, how to dress and even who to engage with on Twitter. The gruelling 14 hour location shoots took its toll on the girls as did the fabricated storylines. But they’s signed their life away…for a mere £10 a day in expenses.

The negligible financial contribution for their work took its toll on the girls – with the head character even having to beg her trusted photographer friend for a loan to pay her rent. But they persevered whilst the glimmer of hope remained that they would achieve stardom status of their TOWIE counterparts.

As filming progressed, they realised just how scripted their storylines were and they were actually told exactly what they must say and do…unlike TOWIE who have a certain amount of realism with creative license.

It was not just the audience that screamed fake. Amanda, Debbie and sister, Gill – all took a massive backlash of criticism from the people of Liverpool who claimed that they were a disgrace to the city.

The final sucker punch came when the girls were axed by email and told that a second series would not be pursued, despite many episodes having already been filmed.

So what was left for the girls? After all, very few people want to tough you in the world of celebrity after you’ve been dropped like a hot potato.

Well, the girls discovered that there was a real audience and subsequent market for their uber glamorous style and look. They took this to market in the form of Scouse Boutique. Here at our blog we regularly get asked what premium skincare and cosmetics are used by the girls, such as PRIORI® products available at in addition to fielding questions about their hair extensions and brand of eyelashes.

However, despite their seemingly harsh treatment from the producers of the E4, Amanda, Debbie and Gill all feel that they have learned valuable lessons.

They say that they wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to do another reality series. If the clocks were turned back, they would still accept the roles as they got to meet some great people along the way. Only next time, they would do things differently and not relinquish as much control over the reality element of the show.

As always, we will keep you informed…

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