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Desperate Scousewives Episode 2 – The Lowdown

Episode Two kicks off with Jaiden and Elissa on a video conference where Jaiden is filling Elissa in about his confrontation with Amanda Harrington at the recent Juice FM Style Awards. Jaiden is seen sporting a rather fetching face mask. Elissa can’t quite believe that Amanda swilled him with a drink after Jaiden called Amanda’s hair extension’s sh*t.

This episode we get to see the popular Miss Francesca Couture Boutique – a popular haunt for the glamour girls of Liverpool to stock up on dress-to-impress outfits. Aspiring model, Chloe is with Amanda and she reveals that she’s secretly nervous about the forthcoming Miss Francesca Couture Charity Fashion Show in which Chloe will be modelling.

Debbie drops by to see the lads football training. Danny invites her to the event where he is DJ’ing – but she declines as she’s also modelling for Miss Francesca Couture. Danny sneaks a quick kiss through the railings before Debbie heads off to prepare for the show.

At April Boutique, the workplace of Sam and Layla, we see the girls discussing their on-off relationships. Layla reveals that she finds the mind games between her and Joe challenging and shows explicit photos of Joe on her phone in response to Sam asking her why she keeps going back when he treats her so badly. When Chloe and Amanda come into the boutique, Layla cannot hide her contempt for Amanda – if looks could kill!

The comedy gold bit of tonight goes to Jodie Lundstram, who gets packed off to the beauty academy to learn how to spray tan…only she hasn’t arranged a model to demonstrate her newly learned skills. Poor unsuspecting Chris is dragged to the academy and is promptly turned into one of Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompas – well apart from a pasty white ass and green underarms where the fake tan has reacted with his deodorant!

At Francesca’s fashion show, the boys turn up to watch the girls strut their stuff on the catwalk. Amanda is less than impressed that Layla has been selected as one of Miss Francesca’s models. She tells her straight that her hungover performance on the catwalk was unprofessional.

Once again, with impeccable timing, Layla shows up in the middle of Joe and Elissa’ heart-to-heart. She sure picks her moments.

Danny has big plans to win over his old flame, Debbie and he ropes his good friend Adam into his plan – which basically culminates in him standing underneath Debbie’s window with an electric keyboard which he plays whilst serenading her…well, we say serenading in the loosest term.

At the Hilton Hotel in Liverpool, it’s the promotional night for George’s newest venture – the exclusive Playground club. He has roped Debbie, Layla and the others into selling exclusive memberships to his elite club – at £500 a pop. Sweet, unassuming Chloe tries to cajole Sean Clancy (brother of WAG Abbie Clancy and Fleetwood Town footballer) into buying her a membership on a “buy one, get one free” deal. When that fails, she just asks George outright for a free membership. Her request falls on deaf ears.

Despite all his grovelling and telling anyone who will listen that Debbie is marriage material, Danny just can’t help himself. When Debbie goes in search of him, she discovers him outside in a passionate clinch with Sam – much to the disgust of Debbie.