joe mcmahon

Desperate Scousewives Episode 3

Christmas is drawing nearer and of course our Scousewives are busy preparing for the festive season as we see Amanda and Chloe hitting Liverpool centre in search of Christmas gifts and outfits.

As well as all the festivities for Christmas, the eldest of the O’Toole sisters, Gill is about to turn 30. At a dinner party with salon owner couple, Chris and Mark – Gill confesses how she despairs at being single at the age of 30 whilst her friends are all married and having kids. She emotionally reveals how she feels she is being left on the shelf.

But that disappointment soon disappears as preparations for her 30th birthday party begin. The girls hire a city centre apartment where they spend most of the day with their hair in rollers, forming an orderly queue for Jodie’s infamous scousebrows.

The O’Toole sisters hit the town with their friends glammed up in bespoke dresses from Miss Francesca Couture. Gill gets a great surprise when out of a gift-wrapped box jumps her very own “Butler in the Buff” – the usually quiet and shy, Adam Ramsey.

As the girls leave their venue and head off to a Chinese restaurant, the party spirit is dampened for Debbie as she is confronted by her ex, Danny – who is smarting from the public humiliation of everybody knowing about his failed serenade outside Debbie’s window. He is given the complete brush off by Debbie after she saw him kissing Sam outside the Hilton Liverpool whilst promoting George’s new club, Playground.

Emotions boil over at the restaurant when it is revealed that Mark has confided in Jodie about his desire to have kids with Chris. Naturally, Chris is not best pleased about their marital issues being discussed outside of their relationship and a heated and bitter argument ensues in the toilets.

Meanwhile, resident Romeo, Joe has convinced Jaiden to put in a good word for him with Elissa as she has been ignoring his texts and calls. Elissa finally folds after some persuasion and agrees to meet Joe for dinner.

After a frosty start where Elissa tells Joe  ’Even when you pour your heart out you go home with her (Layla).’ She confesses that she still thinks fondly of him and she is sad about what happened in their relationship. She leaves the restaurant to join Gill’s party just as Layla shows up – with the impeccable timing we have become so accustomed to with her.

Seizing the opportunity to corner Joe, she asks “What’s going on? Looks like you and Elissa are getting back together.” Joe sharply tells her that it is “none of her business”.