Layla Flaherty

Layla Flaherty


Layla Flaherty is fairly new to the Liverpool social scene. Hailing from her beautiful home land of Galway, Ireland, Layla pitched up in Merseyside just over eight years ago, where Liverpool adopted her as their own.

Layla reeks of controversy and we are sure she’s going to stoke those fires when she makes her appearance on Desperate Scousewives. Being a self-confessed man eater and love cheat, she’s sure to open up the eyes of unfaithful blokes as to what its like when the shoe’s on the other foot.

One of the reasons she struggles to stay faithful to her latest romantic interest probably has something to do with the heartbreak she suffered back in 2003. Having been with her boyfriend at the time since she was 15, she’d never so much as turned her head at another guy. She was therefore devastated to discover that the love of her life – the person the thought she would be with forever had been having an affair right under her nose.

She struggled to cope with such a huge betrayal, upped sticks and left her hometown of Galway and docked in Liverpool where she hit its infamous party scene hard. Juggling her job in a hairdressers with her party lifestyle she dated a string of men who boosted her confidence and made her feel desirable again. Even after her encounter with a personal trainer that turned into a long term romance, she couldn’t stop cheating, racking up an incredible eleven conquests behind his back throughout their four year relationship.

Now a nursing student and part-time model, she still battles with her addiction to infidelity. In fact she caved to the wily charms of guy Scousewife, Joe McMahon. She’s no doubt frustrated by their on-off relationship, but she’s admitted that she just can’t stop sleeping with him.

3 Responses to Layla Flaherty

  • Gabriella says:

    Regarding Layla’s outfit she’s wearing in the Look Magazine with the other two girls advertising the show beginning Nov 28th, I would love to know where she got it from the Ivory and Gold outfit which looks A1. That is definately my style very glitz and glam. Please let me know asap!!! Anyone? Will definately be watching this.

  • ANNA says:

    What the heck is up with this girls accent?

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