Danny Latimer

Danny Latimer toplessDanny Latimer is another Scousewives star that is reality-tv hungry star. He’s been in Channel 4′s Shipwrecked in 2008. His well honed physique earned him many fans – who showed their appreciation in the Danny Latimer “shipwrecked hunk” Fan Page. No surprise really – what with him being Mr Liverpool 2007.

His first stint at reality TV spawned from his love of Channel 4′s Shipwrecked series – which he used to watch on a Sunday morning and think “I’d love to be there – fit girls walking round on a nice, sunny beach”. But reality TV was just that – he found that in reality, life on the island was really boring. There was no TV to watch, no magazines to read and you could walk across the island in around 3 minutes.

His boredom led to him swapping his food rations for ale and he frequently found himself in trouble with the producers for being intoxicated.

Whilst on the island, he had a relationship with co-star, Lauren. But because they were not on the winning team this was never broadcast on the hit TV show. The hoped-for magazine deals documenting this romance never happened because it was never aired.

This didn’t stop doors opening for the reality-tv star and former Mr Liverpool though. His new-found notoriety found him doing PA’s on the club circuit around the UK. But he wasn’t in touch with the fame game. It was at an appearance in Manchester where he found himself on stage with a cucumber and a girl mimicking sexual favours that was his wake-up call.

He decided to stop chasing fame and get a ‘proper job’ for a clothing company in Oxfordshire, whilst focussing on his love for DJ’ing as well as his music – not many people kow that he is a classically trained pianist.

He openly criticised reality TV saying he was fed up of it and that it was a fake industry and he was often treated badly. Back in 2009, he urged anybody considering appearing in reality TV to think carefully as he described it as “not all fun” and said that there was a “massive difference” between how you are treated as a reality TV star and a real celebrity like a pop star.

Whilst Shipwrecked helped him gain recognition in the pubs and clubs of Liverpool, his career took a sinister turn in 2009 when he was falsly accused of supplying date-rape drugs.

In October 2008, he was DJ’ing at the Sugar Mill in Hull. He took along his best friend at the time, ex Brookside actor Kris Mochrie. He never gave it a second thought when his friend handed him a drink.

Within minutes he collaped and feared that he was going to die. Then he had a seizure and continued fitting for 40 minutes. In the ambulance on his way to hospital, his heart stopped for 4 minutes. He was on life support for a week as he slipped into a coma. A 21 year old girl in the same club was also taken to Hull hospital with the same symptoms. Daniel lived, but she died.

Daniel was then hauled before the courts accused of supplying date rape drugs. He was cleared of all charges but in a bitter twist, he learned that it was his friend who had spiked his drink with the date rape drug GHB…the drug that nearly killed him.

The false accusations surrounding the drugs affected his confidence and his career prospects. He lost friends as well as opportunities.

But now it seems, he’s put his ordeal behind him and as a new member of the Desperate Scousewives cast, it seems he’s happy to give reality tv another shot – but this time he’s a little bit older, and perhaps a little bit wiser.
He does say his immaturity is one of his distinguishing features though – so I guess we will find out soon enough.

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  • Kate says:

    Wondered if you could email me with the make of quilted jacket danny wears in episode 2 i think it is and sam has one to?? Does any one no?.

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