Joe McMahon

Joe McMahon Joe McMahon is 28. Originally from Wales, he is an honorary scouser who was in a relationship with our very own scousewive Elissa Corrigan. Problem was, he just couldn’t seem to keep it in his pants and once Elissa discovered his raunchy emails and texts from other girls on his phone, she decided she’d had enough.

They continued to share their apartment in Liverpool because the financial pressures of the credit crunch meant neither could afford to move out. Joe felt like he was serving a jail sentence – his lothario status meant he was back in the saddle, so to speak, pretty quickly after the split. Yes the complicated residency situation meant he couldn’t bring girls back to the apartment.

Elissa isn’t the only notch in his bedpost though…fellow Desperate Scousewife, Layla admits that she just can’t stop sleeping with him and has had on-off encounters with him over the past 10 months.

Joe is a self titled “player” – definitely not the settling down type just yet. The club promoter spends at least two hours a day in the gym, working on the perfect six pack in a bid to attract the opposite sex on Liverpool’s biggest nights out.

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