War of the Velcro Rollers: Scousewives and TOWIE girls in Twitter spat

Desperate Scousewives hasn’t even hit our tellybox yet, and already the manicured and polished claws seem to be out.

It seems that some of the tweets and comments by Desperate Scousewives stars have aggrivated some of their Essex counterparts.

It started with an alleged comment made by Elissa:
‘It’s going to be bigger tan TOWIE. The characters are bigger and more colourful and it looks so glossy,’ promised Elissa Corrigan, one of the Scousewives cast members.
‘It’s different to anything you’ve seen before. Hardly any of it is scripted. We tell producers what’s been going on in our lives and we lead them, rather than them leading us,’ she told Reveal magazine.

Twitter gets Scousewives into trouble with TOWIEThen Jodie and Amanda unwittingly added fuel to the fire by retweeting negative comments about TOWIE mixed with compliments about the show.

One retweet by Amanda read ‘Will put TOWIE to shame’ whilst some retweeted by Jodie were a little more controversial. ‘Swerv all them southern c**ts ‘Essex’ and ‘Chelsea’, all about the Liverpool birds SCOUSEWIVES.’

Whilst the Scousewives girls saw this as a bit of cheeky banter, it provoked a response from The Only Way is Essex Star, Sam Faiers
‘Aww been reading and hearing Desperate Scousewives have been slaggin’ off TOWIE. That’s not nice! Was looking forward to that show as well! Boo.’

But the youngest of the Desperate Scousewives girls, Sam jumped to the defense of her fellow cast members and was quick to reassure TOWIE star, Sam that she was in actual fact a fan of the Essex show:
‘@SamanthaFaiers. Yep, total lies, us Scousewives love Towieee!’ Followed up with a hashtag suggesting that she shouldn’t believe everything she reads.

Other tweeters who have been filming with the Desperate Scousewives girls also tweeted to confirm that the cast of the new show were fans of TOWIE.

Regardless of whether the rivalry is real or not, the banter keeps the new show in the headlines andis certainly great for its promotion and subsequent ratings – we bet E4 are delighted!

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